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2019 Sundance Film Festival – Ancestry & SundanceTV Present: Railroad Ties

Six descendants of fugitive slaves and abolitionists come together in Brooklyn to discover more about their lineage. Documenting each person learning about their ancestors, and featuring renowned historian, Henry Louis Gates Jr., the film interweaves powerful personal moments with contextual historical anecdotes. The very human story of the Underground Railroad unfolds through Ancestry records, each discovery revealing the dynamic impact our history has on identity, family and legacy. The film takes a personal look at how understanding our family’s past can influence not just who we are, but how we see ourselves.


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BlackProGen LIVE!: Ep 71 Runaways: Self-Liberated Africans and the Underground Railroad

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Underground Railroad 

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I spent my New Years in Ontario, Canada. I had a great time exploring Canada, most of my time was spent in Niarga Falls. I even took a helicopter ride over the Falls. One word amazing.


I was a bit nervous

Don’t think this trip was any different, you know I had to visit some historic black sites.

Salem Chapel, British Methodist Episcopal Church once known as African Methodist Episcopal was the first black church in St Catherines and a headquarters for the Underground Railroad. Led by Harriet Tubman who lived in St Catherines from 1851-1858. Tubman made multiple trips to the American south to guide freedom seeker into St Catherines.

I had a great trip to Canada, the next time I visit, I’ll have good when the weather is warmer :).

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Freedmen’s Colony 

Almost everywhere I travel, I try to take the opportunity to visit historical sites especially those sites related to African Americans. So my previous trip to the outer banks of North Carolina was no different. On Christmas Eve in the  afternoon, after doing the last bit of our Christmas shopping, my family and I visited the Fort Raleigh Historic Site located on Roanoke Island in the small town of Manteo. The best part of going to Fort Raleigh Historic site was seeing and hearing my seven year old nephew read out loud about the Freedmen’s colony. After he finished I asked him if he understood what he read and he said yes. I was glad we got the opportunity to visit Fort Raleigh, it’s important to share history with the younger generation. Lets continue to share our history! 




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