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Relative Race: Season 2


I really enjoyed Season 1 of Relative Race, I even binged watched all of the episodes (I got hooked). Well, I am looking forward to this season and I hope it is just as good as the first one.

The premise of the show is four couples start off in Miami and they’ll have to complete challenges in order to meet a new DNA relatives each day for 10 days across the United States. They will have to navigate without using smartphones or GPS devices. The couples will be given road maps and burner phone (phones with not internet access). The team that wins will get $50,000. Check out the first episode of Season 2 below.


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Family Hero


227 staring Marla Gibbs, Jackée Harry, and Regina King was centered on the lives of the tenants living in the 227, apartment building located in Washington, DC during the mid 1980s. Last night I watched the episode titled Family Heroes, Brenda (Regina King) has to do a school assignment on her most interesting ancestor and her mother (Marla Gibbs) helps her find one. Checkout the episode below.



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