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Scrapbooking and Genealogy

Back at it! This past week I tried my hand at scrapbooking again.

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Genealogy On Display

I’ve heard genealogy and scrapbooking are two hobbies that go hand and hand. I have been asked if I scrapbook and my answer has always been no I haven’t gotten into yet, the real answer was I didn’t think I was that creative enough to scrapbook.I see scrapbooking as an art, the scrapbooking sheets as your canvas and I didn’t think I had anything to put on the canvas that would be good until one day when I was in Michael’s ( the art supply store) and I wandered over to the scrapbook section. I saw the scrapbooking supplies and┬ámy creative juices started to flow with ideas of different ways to display my genealogy. Here’s what I’ve done thus far, I know the more I do it I will get back and think of more elaborate ideas and ways to scrapbook them.

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