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Happy Birthday MLK

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s 86th birthday I wanted to repost a few pictures I took last summer on my research trip.

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Pictures To The Past

This is my first time seeing these photos of my Grandma in her earlier years thanks to my Aunt Linda. 🙂

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Who’s that?


I wish I could see the faces of the people in this picture, a cousin told me one of the women standing on the porch is my great Aunt Angeline Walker Carter which was my great grandfather’s Dock Walker sister. I have no idea the who the other people would be. I thought about photo restoration but I think its too faded to repair,  I was still excited to see this anyway it gave me hope that there still might be other pictures out there of my other family members. I think we just have to ask, we’ll never know what someone has until we ask. So do you have some pictures you can share?

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