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Flashback Friday! Check out my two videos from my research trip to Monroe County, AL

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History In A Bottle

You may just see dirt in a bottle but I see my history. This is the red dirt I scooped up while touring the red hills of Monroe County, Alabama. Where some of my ancestors once lived, worked, played, went to church, went to school and are laid to rest. This is my history in a bottle


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My Journey To The Past


I wish I would have recored more footage as well as used my tripod to get those steady shots but that’s a lesson learned for next time I head out in the field anyway I put together a little video of my trip to Monroe County, AL and a little promo for the blog. Enjoy!

Footage Provided by Me

Music: Firesong: Kevin MacLeod

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Red Hill Cemetery

Red Hill Cemetery is located in the hills of Monroe County, Alabama. Red Hill Cemetery according to the sign on the gate was established in in 1818 just three years after Monroe County was established as a county. In my recent trip to Alabama I met with my cousin and also fellow family history enthusiast Melvina and she took my mom, aunt and I on a tour of Monroe County. We were up and down in the back woods where my family once resided and one of the places she took us was the Red Hill Cemetery. The cemetery was segregated and might still be but I don’t know how many people still get buried there since it’s not that accessible of a cemetery. Inside the gated cemetery where the white settlers, possible slave owners, and local white residents and on the outside of the gates is an unkept grassy area were the black residents some of whom might have been slaves, and my great great grandparents Dave Burgess an Annies Lee Locke are buried. I was happy to be standing in front of my great great grandparents headstones but kind of sad to see after all these years somethings haven’t really changed.

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Mary Jane Burgess Wesley

Every Day in the month of February I will post some information about my family history on my social networking sites, here’s what I have thus far.

Mary Jane Burgess

My great grandmother Mary Jane Burgess born Jan 25th 1895 in (Natchez) Monroe County, Alabama. She married Lonnie Wesley and together they had 11 children. After his death in 1937 Mary Jane was left to raise 10 Children on her own and had to find work as a farmer to support her family. Mary Jane Burgess Wesley is part of my black history.

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