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fold3: Black History Month

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In honor of Black History Month fold3 will allow you to access records in its Black History Collection until the end of February. ┬áSo if you haven’t already, take a look at the records and resources you can access on fold3.















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James Walker

James Walker

My great Uncle James Walker was born to Dock Walker and Lillie Rauzy on May 20th 1896 in Bromley Baldwin County, AL. At the age of 21 James was drafted into the Army during WWI. While enlisted he became apart of the Motor Transport Corp. Men needed to staff the Motor Transport Corp were recruited from the skilled tradesmen working for automotive manufacturers in the US. M.T.C. Soldiers were reasonable for the technical supervision of all of the militaries vehicles
Corporal James Walker is part of my black history.

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Military Headstones

While doing some research on I came across two military headstone applications. One for my grandfather filled out for my grandmother and another for my great uncle filled out by my great grandfather. Its just amazing to see my great grandfather’s signature, a man who had to learn how to read and write as an adult.


IMG_4471My grandfather’s original headstone


James Walker

James Walker

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