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Katy Ferguson House

Named after educator, philanthropist, advocate of child care and founder of New York’s first Sunday School, Katy Ferguson also known as Catherine Ferguson. The Harlem, New York brownstone was built in 1910 and became the home to the Katy Ferguson House which opened on 1920 to provide temporary care for unmarried African American mothers and young women over the age of 16. After coming across this article in The New York Age newspaper, I decided to ride my bike by the location. Today, 162 West 130th street is no longer a shelter for women but multiunit apartments.

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Before Ellis Island There Was Castle Clinton

Castle Clinton was initially intended to prevent a British invasion in 1812, over the years the fort transformed into an entertainment center, an aquarium and New York State’s first immigrant processing station from 1855 through 1890. To find more out about Castle Clinton visit

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