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I’m I related To Hester Ann Blevins?

Ancestry DNA has this new feature which allows you to discover possible ancestors, they do so by grouping together individuals with similar DNA and connecting it to a common ancestor. (I hope I said that right)  Ancestry DNA has evidence suggesting that I am related to a group well more like a couple of Hester Ann Blevins descendants. Since the two people are related to a group of people sharing the same DNA to Hester Ann Blevins descendants Ancestry DNA says there is a good chance I am also related to Hester Ann Blevins. Let me tell you a little about Hester according to information complied from 936 family trees on According to the inscription on her headstone Hester Ann Blevins was born May 8th 1812 (wow if this is accurate she would be 203 years ago today) in Ashe, North Carolina to James Blevins and Sarah Ann Sally Sizemore. She married Andrew Pennington around the 1830s and had several children together. The 1860s census has  Hester, Andrew and their children were living in Washington, Virginia.  Hester lived in Virginia until her death on October 19th 1890 and she is buried in Laurel Valley Cemetery located in Smyth County, Virginia with her husband and other family members. I haven’t researched Hester or anybody in her family as of yet so I don’t know how I am connected to her. I do know she is Caucasian and I believe majority if not all of her descendants on Ancestry DNA are as well, so this is definitely going to be interesting.

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