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Africa’s Great Civilizations

Henry Louis Gates explores the untold story of how Africa helped shape our modern world. Premiering tonight on PBS.


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Aunt Stella’s 100th Birthday Bash

The celebration of Aunt Stella’s 100th Birthday Party was great!

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100 Years On Earth

I am so excited to be celebrating my Great Aunt Estella “Stella” Hooks Walker 100th birthday this coming Saturday. Aunt Stella was born on April 12th 1914 in Baldwin County, Alabama to Archie and Lula Hooks and grew up in a some section of Baldwin County, called  Bromley where she met and married Joseph Walker. Together Aunt Stella and Uncle Joe had ten children, sadly Aunt Stella has out lived her husband, four children and countless other family members and friends. Aunt Stella has seen 17 Presidents take office, one of which was the first African American President who was elected twice, she’s lived through just to name a few events, the Civil Rights movement, WWI, WWII, The Vietnam War, and the ever evolving technology. Today Aunt Stella is in better health than some folks half her age, I just hope If I make it to 100 I will still have a pretty sharp mind and able to get around like she does a at the age of 99. Aunt Stella now resided upstate New York, where she is surrounded by her daughters, grandchildren, great grand, great great and probably great great great 😉 as well as a host of nieces and nephews. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the celebration.

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