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Mark Every Grave

Have you heard of Mark Every Grave? I believe I came across this in a genealogy facebook group.  Mark Every Grave has a range of sizes and prices starting as low as $25.99 and they ship for free. The markers are made from black granite that can “last forever”. I’ve wanted to get a couple headstones for some unmarked graves but I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars but it seems like Mark Every Grave is making it affordable for me to do so. Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 7.43.55 PM

Have you heard of Mark Every Grave? Have yo purchased a marker from them? What are your thoughts?





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Research Road Trip:Touching HerStory

One of my stops was to the Westview Cemetery in Bromley, Baldwin County, Alabama. I had been to the cemetery two times previously but this time was special. This was the first time since my mother and six of her siblings had been back to Bromley to visit all at the same time. Most of them had not even been to this cemetery where both their father’s family and mother’s family were buried. Me being the genealogist of the family I explained certain relationships to them since some of those folks they never even heard of. It was kinda cool looking at them taking pictures of their ancestors. I made sure I touched all of my female ancestors headstones buried in the Westview Cemetery, I am truly blessed that they have headstones and the cemetery is for the for most part kept up. Some people don’t know where their grandparents are buried and I am able to put my hand on and still read the headstone of Diniah Burke my great great great grandmother. Minnie Belle Stacks, my great great grandmother and Diniah’s daughter. Lillie Walker my great grandmother and her mother Emma Watson, my great great grandmother. Next time I go visit the cemetery I hope I have some of the younger folks with me so I can show them their history.

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Flagging For The Fallen


Every year in honor of Memorial Day the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York ask for volunteers to help flagging the headstones of our fallen who risked their lives for our country. This past Saturday was my first time attending with my genealogy group and I must say it felt good to placing the American flag next to these soldiers headstones.

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Red Hill Cemetery

Red Hill Cemetery is located in the hills of Monroe County, Alabama. Red Hill Cemetery according to the sign on the gate was established in in 1818 just three years after Monroe County was established as a county. In my recent trip to Alabama I met with my cousin and also fellow family history enthusiast Melvina and she took my mom, aunt and I on a tour of Monroe County. We were up and down in the back woods where my family once resided and one of the places she took us was the Red Hill Cemetery. The cemetery was segregated and might still be but I don’t know how many people still get buried there since it’s not that accessible of a cemetery. Inside the gated cemetery where the white settlers, possible slave owners, and local white residents and on the outside of the gates is an unkept grassy area were the black residents some of whom might have been slaves, and my great great grandparents Dave Burgess an Annies Lee Locke are buried. I was happy to be standing in front of my great great grandparents headstones but kind of sad to see after all these years somethings haven’t really changed.

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Military Headstones

While doing some research on I came across two military headstone applications. One for my grandfather filled out for my grandmother and another for my great uncle filled out by my great grandfather. Its just amazing to see my great grandfather’s signature, a man who had to learn how to read and write as an adult.


IMG_4471My grandfather’s original headstone


James Walker

James Walker

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A Trip South

This past weekend was the Wesley family reunion in Pensacola, Florida. I had such a good time, my family ( nine year old niece, 14 and 17 year old nephews, mom and aunt) and I drove from NY to FL.  I thought a week of traveling with stops to see family on the way would be a great vacation as well as bonding time for the six of us. Well lets just say it might have been too much bonding time for us :), for real I think everyone enjoyed themselves I know I did. I got a chance to meet some new cousins, see some family I haven’t seen in a while, do a little family research, visit Natchez, Monroe County and Alabama, Farmsville, Lowndes County, Alabama. While I was in Florida I met with my Great Aunt Sallie for the first time, and  last but not least meet my cousin Melvina also a genealogist and she shared some wonderful information with me as well as gave me some document. All in all I had a great time

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