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Friday’s Faces From The Past:My Grandparents

This is Artensie Wesley born 27 Oct 1917 and Jessie Cox born 25 Oct 1919 and they were my grandparents and since they recently had birthdays I thought it was only right to have them as my Friday’s Faces From The Past. May the both rest in peace.

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How Are We Related?


No matter if you are a professional genealogist or just beginning to discover your roots, I think this family relationship chart recreated by the good folks at ( free online family tree builder) is one we should all have. Created by Alice J. Ramsay in 1987, Crestleaf’s colorful version of the family relationship chart makes it easier to see how family relationships work. Be sure to visit to download the this handy-dandy family relationship chart as well as checkout all the other neat stuff has to offer.

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Let’s get to talking family


This past Saturday August 17th we had out 2nd annual Walker Day Family Picnic, after the picnic myself and a few cousins went to my aunts house to hangout.We started talking about family, I asked my younger cousins if they knew the names of their grandparents who had died before they were born. They didn’t know their names, I thought that was crazy but I understood, on one hand they said their dad doesn’t talk about his parents and on the other hand I don’t think they ask him either. I have had other conversation with other family members who say the same thing so what needs to change? I think parents need to talk to their children more about their lives growing up and also their parents, I think the children should ask their parents about their lives growing up and their grandparents. This needs to be a two way conversation so let’s get to talking family

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