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Coding Region: A coding region is DNA that contains genes. In genetic genealogy, this most often refers to the part of the mitochondrial genome that contains genes. (Definition from

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BlackProGen LIVE:! Ep 40: “Well You Know…” Privacy in Genealogy and DNA

Did you miss BlackProGen LIVE episode 40? Well, don’t worry check out the video below to see what you missed.


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The DNA Journey feat. Karen

“To celebrate diversity in the world we asked 67 people from all over the world to take a DNA test. It turns out that they have much more in common with other nationalities than they would ever have imagined. In this short film, you can join Karen on her emotional journey into who she really is.”  momondo

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We Are Family!

We are family! But how are we actually related? Connecting my DNA relatives to my family tree, this should be interesting.


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Genealogy, Genetics and African American History Pt2

Pretty interesting lecture by Henry Louis Gates, Jr I didn’t totally agree with everything Mr. Gates stated said that night but majority I did, checkout some video I captured  with my iphone. Mr. Gates wants to change how history and science are taught in schools with genealogy and genetics.



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Genealogy, Genetics and African American History

Tonight May 6th at 6:30pm The 13th Annual Benjamin Menschel Distinguished Lecture will feature Henry Louis Gates, Jr. who discussing  “Genealogy, Genetics and African American History” at the Great Hall at Cooper Union, 7 East 7th Street. NY, NY

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I am looking forward to going to this event and hearing Mr. Gates point of view on the topics above. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the event. 

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23 and Me


Looking forward to see what my genetic breakdown are from 23 and Me.

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