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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 57: Staying In It: Historical Trauma & Self Care for Researchers

Have you seen the latest BlackProGen LIVE episode? If not check it out below.

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BlackProGen LIVE Episode 43:

Did you miss BlackProGen LIVE episode 43? Don’t worry check out the video below.

“Doing the research is great, but making sure your efforts live on for generations is just as important. Join us as we discuss ways you can showcase all your hard work by leaving your mark online.”


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How to Trace Enslaved Ancestors

Fellow genealogist and host of BlackProGen LIVE, Nicka Smith gives us some tips on How to Trace Your Ancestors as Slaves.


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BlackProGen LIVE!

2017 is going to be super exciting for BlackProGen LIVE! Check out this quick video about what you can expect and make sure you join us for our first show of the year on Wed. Jan 11 at 6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST!

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Genealogy Roadshow

Tonight the third season of Genealogy road show premieres on PBS, below is a link to a little  preview of this season.

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Another DNA Test

image1-4I’m really excited to get my mom’s results back from Family Tree DNA, it says we have to wait like month but I hope it’s really not that long. I’ve taken one from African Ancestry, AncestryDNA and 23 and me (I know, I know I am like a serial DNA test taker lol). According to Family Tree DNA they have tested several thousand people and currently hold the largest database that allows people to connect and possibly uncover common ancestors. Family Tree DNA offers tree different DNA test, first is Family Finder: an Autosomal DNA test which finds relatives within 5 generations, it will also give you your ethnicity breakdown, similar to AncestryDNA and 23 and me. The next one is the Y-DNA: this test is only for males, want to know your paternal linage? The Y-chromosome is passed down from father to son almost unchanged, the test looks for specific markers on the Y-chromosome. The Y-DNA test has versions, each one with a different amount of markers tested. Lastly is the mtDNA: females and males can take this test, like the Y-chromosome passed down from father to son a mother passes down the Mitochondrial DNA aka mtDNA almost unchanged to her children, if you want to find your maternal linage you’ll take this test, there is also two versions of this test. I’m looking forward to what I can learn from my mom’s results as well as making new family connections, I love connecting with my DNA cousins.  Questions for the readers, Has anyone taken a DNA test from Family Tree? If so what did you think?

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Salt Lake City Here I Come


I said I would travel to Salt Lake City, Utah one day but this day has sooner than I thought. If you didn’t know  Salt Lake City is  the mecca of genealogy research and I am going there to attend the Association of Professional Genealogists: Professional Management Conference. I am excited and nervous at the same time, I am going to be around some of the genealogist I admire as well as visit The Family History Library which is holds millions of genealogical records from all over the world. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of my trip.

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I heart Genealogy T-shirt


I can not wait to wear my custom made I heart Genealogy t-shirt, I am a Genealogist and I am proud of it! (T-shirt on sale for $19.99, ha ha )

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Sincere Condolences


Sad News: Fellow genealogist  Laura “Seventies Soulchild” Lanier recently passed away. She was very active within then the chat room community as well as tracing her family especially her Mississippi ancestors. I didn’t know her personally but my condolences go out to her family, friends and everyone she may have graced with her presence.

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