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Free pedigree chart

My friend and I created a basic pedigree chart. Click on the link to download the PDF Genes Work Pedigree Chart 

For those of you unfamiliar how to download a PDF, I have directions below.


Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 12.51.45 PM



Below are directions have to download a PDF if you are unfamiliar.

Directions are for a Mac (should be a similar process on a PC)

  1. After you click the link, the pedigree chart will open in a new webpage.
  2. Go to File then click on Print which should be the last on the list
  3. The print window will pop up, on the bottom left you will see PDF. click on the PDF dropdown menu
  4. After you click on the PDF dropdown menu you will see Save as PDF
  5. Click save as PDF and rename the file and save it to your desired location.
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