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My Black History Month: Grandpa Thomas Millender

February 4th

My 3x Great Grandpa Thomas Millender was a farmer like many of my other ancestors and relatives who lived in rural parts of the South. I’ve had the 1880 Agricultural Census Schedule which Grandpa Thomas is on for some time but I never really looked at what he actually grew/produced on his farm until now. Grandpa Thomas rented a the farmland for a fixed price and on his farm he produced 110 pounds of butter in 1879, he also produced 20 dozen eggs and 10 gallons of Molasses. He had two milch cows (A cow kept for milking; a dairy cow) and two working oxens, it cool to see some of the things that was produced on his farm.

Did you ancestors or relatives have a farm? Do you know what they produced on it?


Census Year: 1880; Census Place: Germany, Monroe, Alabama; Archive Collection Number: M279; Roll: 27; Page: 3; Line: 6; Schedule Type: Agriculture

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Federal Agricultural Schedule of 1880

Federal Agricultural Schedule

The Federal Agricultural Schedule listed what many of our ancestors did to earn their livelihoods. My three times great grandfather Adam Moorer was listed on the 1880 Agricultural Schedule for Farmsville, Lowndes County, Alabama. From this document I see how many acres and the cash value of the farm, the crops as well as other items he produced, the number and value of livestock and the value of homemade manufactures.

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