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Looking for your missing female ancestor?

Joy Neighbors, a writer for offered up some useful tips on how to find your missing female ancestors in an article she recently wrote for the website. Click on the link to read her suggestions.


Mary Jane Burgess

Pictured above is my Great Grandmother Mary Jane Burgess Wesley

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How I met cousin Brandon

Before I left for Las Vegas a couple weeks ago I told my friend I wanted to meet a new cousin but I was sort of doubtful since I hadn’t connected with any DNA cousins or relatives period in Las Vegas. I walked by a man wearing cowboy hat, white V neck t-shirt and sweatpants as I was going to my hotel room in Bally’s Hotel.  The man’s outfit was a little odd to me anyway once I got upstairs to the room I check  Facebook and guess who I see on my feed? That’s right cousin the man wearing the cowboy hat, now you may say well he’s your Facebook friend you should have known him, well I didn’t (lol) I have so many cousins on Facebook I haven’t gotten a chance to introduce myself to and he (Brandon) was one of them. When I noticed Brandon was the guy I saw downstairs in the hotel/casino I immediately sent him a message “Hey Cuz,  I just saw you (not to be creepy) but you had on a cowboy hat” Since we never met before I didn’t want to come off crazy or stalkerish. He responded, and I think equally excited to meet me as I was to meet him,  we got a chance to meet and talked for about 45 minutes ( it was late)  but we ended up exchanging numbers and said we’ll stay in touch. Cousin Brandon was really cool and all about family which made us meeting a little less awkward. Now tell me that wasn’t something?! We just happened to be in Las Vegas ( neither one of us live there), at the same hotel (I was actually just working out of that hotel) at the same time.  I am going to Philadelphia next I want to meet a new cousin ( let’s see if this works again ) 🙂



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Family History

I went to the Burgess, Locke, McCants family reunion this past weekend and was blessed with a gem from my cousin Melvina (the family historian). She gave me a copy of the family reunion book from their first family reunion in 1988. Not only does the book connect the dots on how the families are related but there is also a section with favorite sayings, bible verses and songs from some of my ancestors listed in the book.

When you have family reunions is there a family book or program to tell you family’s history?

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My Passion

“We need to haunt the house of history and listen anew to the ancestors wisdom.” –

Maya Angelou 

Like many of you, genealogy is my passion. I can not explain how glad I am I stumbled onto it, I can only hope my ancestors are happy with the work that I am doing.


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Genealogy Roadshow

Tonight the third season of Genealogy road show premieres on PBS, below is a link to a little  preview of this season.

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Research Trip


Are you planning a research trip this summer? Where are some of the places you are going? Have you set goals for your trip? I hope I plan to go down to Alabama and meet some relatives as well as do some research I haven’t created a research plan yet but I think is important to have some sort of a plan so you’re not wasting valuable research time.

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Sweet Home Alabama


If you’re not on Facebook or haven’t been on in a few days then you might not know anything about #mycolorfulancestry frenzy created by  J. Paul Hawthorne. He created a 5-generation a colorful pedigree chart but instead of adding the usual information he decided to put his ancestors birthplaces. Towards the end of last week all I saw were color pedigree trees on my timeline, I soon jumped on the bandwagon and input my ancestors information. From My Colorful Ancestry chart you can see I have strong Alabama roots going back to the 1800s, my siblings and I are first generation New Yorkers.

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Maps of Stars


Did you miss the tenth episode of Finding Your Roots featuring Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow? Well click here to see what you missed.

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My friend Mikey suggested I Vlog about genealogy, so here’s my 1st Vlog, please bear with me as a ramble a bit lol.

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Family Reunion 


Did you miss the seventh episode of Finding Your Roots featuring muisc mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Hip Hop superstar turned actor LL Cool J? I think this was one of the best episodes I have seen. There were just so much uncovered about these two guest, click here to see what you missed.



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