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Meet Cleo

Allow me to introduce you to my Great Aunt Cleo Walker Charles aka Sister. Born July 30th 1900 in Bromley Baldwin County, AL to Dock and Lillie Walker. As family history goes Aunt Cleo relocated to California with the family she worked for in Alabama. Aunt Cleo didn’t have any children herself but she helped raise her great nieces and nephews with whom she stayed with in California in her later years. Cleo resided in California until her death on October 31 1958. I am so thankful my family on the West Coast were able to share these pictures with me, this is my first time and most of my family on the East Coast seeing pictures of Aunt Cleo.
Aunt Cleo

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Telling your story with photos

I just found out about Digital Diaspora Family Reunion and all that they do and have been doing and I just think this is awesome so be sure to checkout  for more video, projects etc.

Journalist Linda Holmes visits with filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris during the Digital Diaspora Family Reunion (DDFR) Roadshow at Harlem Stage. Ms. Holmes shares her family photos from Kentucky, New Jersey, and around the world.

To learn more about African American History and Photography please visit “Through A Lens Darkly” TALD documentary and multimedia project & Digital Diaspora Family Reunion DDFR @ Chimpanzee Productions, Inc.

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Who’s that?


I wish I could see the faces of the people in this picture, a cousin told me one of the women standing on the porch is my great Aunt Angeline Walker Carter which was my great grandfather’s Dock Walker sister. I have no idea the who the other people would be. I thought about photo restoration but I think its too faded to repair,  I was still excited to see this anyway it gave me hope that there still might be other pictures out there of my other family members. I think we just have to ask, we’ll never know what someone has until we ask. So do you have some pictures you can share?

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