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Making A Difference Through Genealogy


While browsing I came across a really interesting site called and if you haven’t heard of the site or the program you should definitely check it out. Founder Dana Saxon and her team setup a program where they teach high school age students the skills to research and tell their own family histories. In some aspect researching family history is like investing, it’s best to start earlier rather than later. Researching your family history while you have access to certain people who can share vital information can make a great difference in your research.  Some of the students that attend this program may still have three or even four generation alive to get this important information from, I like many other genealogist wish they could have asked their grandparents,  great aunt or uncle and other relatives questions while they were alive.  I also think this is a great program because researching their family history can give the students a since of pride as well as make them want to strive to do better.

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Genealogy, Genetics and African American History Pt2

Pretty interesting lecture by Henry Louis Gates, Jr I didn’t totally agree with everything Mr. Gates stated said that night but majority I did, checkout some video I captured  with my iphone. Mr. Gates wants to change how history and science are taught in schools with genealogy and genetics.



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Rebecca Burke Tompkins

Rebecca Burke Tompkins

My three times great Aunt Rebecca Burke was born in Dallas County, Alabama About 1889. Rebecca and her husband George Tompkins were instrumental figures in the Bromley, Alabama community. In 1920 Rebecca began teaching in the one room school called The Blakeley school aka the Little Red School House. Her husband George turned an old farm truck into a school bus to take neighborhood children to school. Rebecca accumulated more than 50 years of service in the Baldwin County School system. Rebecca Burke Tompkins is part of my black history.

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