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Research Road Trip: DNA Cousins

I decided to take a trip south while I had some time and on my way to Alabama I made a stop in Georgia and while I was there I reached out to three of my DNA cousins (discovered via ancestrydna). Garron, DeVan, and Octavia, I was so glad Garron and Octavia agreed to meet with me, DeVan and I actually met two years ago briefly but we stayed in touch. Garron, Octavia and Mia (my DNA cousin who I met in Birmingham) still don’t know our common ancestor(s). Garron and Octavia are on my maternal side while DeVan and Mia are on my paternal side, DeVan’s great grandfather and my great great grandfather were brothers. Mia and I have a couple surname names in common, Moorer and Snow, while Octavia and Garron share Camden, Wilcox County. Of course I would have loved to figured out how I was related to my other three DNA cousins but just meeting them was pretty cool, we bonded over our love for genealogy and getting to know our family. I didn’t have to grow up with them to consider them or call them my cousin.


Garron, DeVan, Octavia and Mia


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Relative Race


I was reading an article on and it mentioned BYU’s genealogy tv show called Relative Race. Have any of you heard or watched it? I only saw the first few minutes of the first episode but what I saw seemed pretty interesting. The premise of the show is four couples start off  in San Francisco and they’ll have to complete challenges in order to  meet a new DNA relatives each day for 10 days across the United States. They will have to navigate without using smart phones or GPS devices. The couples will be given road maps and burner phone (phones with not internet access).  Their final arrival point was New York City on day 10 and the first couple who arrives will win $25,000. Below is the trailer for the first series and a link to the first episode


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