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My Black History Month: Grandpa Dock Walker

February 7th

On the 11th day of December 1933 my Great Grandpa Dock Walker sold land to the Saints of Bethlehem Temple of Bromley, Alabama. Grandpa Dock was another ancestor who knew the importance of ownership and legacy. Grandpa Dock owned a lot of property throughout Bromley that his family resided on.


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My Black History Month: Grandpa Scott Cox

February 6th

In December of 1948 my Great Grandpa Scott Cox purchase one acre of land from George and Nora Morris in Baldwin County, Alabama. It makes me feel good to know so many of my ancestors wanted ownership for themselves and their families.


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Online Database for Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi Property Records

I’ll probably do a more in-depth post, video or even both on property record research using this database, but I just wanted to share with you all one site that has been really helpful for me when searching for property records for my Baldwin County Alabama ancestors and relatives. With Delta Computer Systems (  you can search two Louisiana Parishes, 12 Alabama counties, 48 Mississippi counties and two Mississippi cities. I am only focused on Baldwin County right now so I am not sure what information the other areas provide, if there are any fees for accessing records or how far they go back in record search. I know the Baldwin County site goes back until the early 1900s and some of the records on the site are free to search and download.

I find the Baldwin County site is pretty easy to use, I just put in the last name of the person I am searching for in the search box,  in return I get a list of names, type of record, file date and the actual record in a PDF or TIF version. I can narrow down the list of names but I keep it broad so I can browse others in the area with the particular surname I am looking for.

I do not live anywhere close to the state of Alabama so accessing these records would either have to be done in person when I take my research/road trips or by having  someone search for me. Having free access to this site makes it 10 times easier, I know the Baldwin County records are constantly updated so I am sure to check the site at least once a month. If you are doing research in Alabama, Louisiana or Mississippi in these specific counties or cities definitely visit Delta Computer Systems to see what property information you can find for your family over the internet.



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