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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 56: Been Around the World: Mapping Your Family History

Did you miss BlackProGen LIVE Episode 56? Don’t worry check it out below.

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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 50: Ask Mariah – The Remix

Did you miss BlackProGen LIVE! Episode 50? Don’t worry just click on the link below and enjoy a full episode of Ask Mariah.


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BlackProGen LIVE Ep31: People of Color in the Northeast: New York and New Jersey

17953009_10101238889767050_2195172137623758185_nDid your family migrate to New York like mine or New Jersey? Watch this webisode of BlackProGen LIVE as the panel discuss resources and more for people researching the northeast!

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BlackProGen LIVE-Black History Month Series

I know it’s been a little bit but i’m back! Checkout the latest BlackProGen LIVE episode. The third in the Black History Month Series – “we’ll be talking Free People of Color, current events, and our latest Ask Mariah case.”

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BlackProGen LIVE!

2017 is going to be super exciting for BlackProGen LIVE! Check out this quick video about what you can expect and make sure you join us for our first show of the year on Wed. Jan 11 at 6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST!

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BlackProGen LIVE: DMV Genealogy

If you missed BlacProGen Live: District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia Genealogy Research be sure to click on the video below to view what you missed.


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BlackProGen Live: KILLER Oldies: Who’s Your Dewey? Best Libraries

Did you miss BlackProGen Live: KILLER Oldies: Who’s Your Dewey? Best Libraries if so see what you missed below.

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Research Road Trip: Magnolia Baptist Church

While I was in Georgia my uncle told me my Great Grandfather Dock Waker was a deacon at the Magnolia Baptist Church, now known as the Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church, my grandmother Clittee Christian Walker also played the piano there. I am hoping before I had back on the road to head home I can look at some of the old church records to validate the oral history. I’ll keep you posted, in the meantime checkout this little video I made on my way to visit Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church.

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Have you heard of BLACK PROGEN LIVE ? Well if you haven’t checkout these two awesome videos by Nicka Smith  explaining what BLACK PROGEN LIVE is.


“Announcing two new segments on BlackProGen LIVE in 2017. Watch and learn more about Ask Mariah and AncestryMakers. To apply for either segment, please visit Good luck! For the latest from our panel and more, follow us on Twitter at

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