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My Black History Month: Grandpa Scott Cox

February 6th

In December of 1948 my Great Grandpa Scott Cox purchase one acre of land from George and Nora Morris in Baldwin County, Alabama. It makes me feel good to know so many of my ancestors wanted ownership for themselves and their families.


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October 25th

Jesse Cox

98 years ago today my Grandpa, Jesse Cox was born and 65 years ago today he was hit by a car and killed.


Source: The Montgomery Advertiser (Montgomery, Alabama) · Mon, Oct 27, 1952 · Page 1

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Research Road Trip:Touching HerStory

One of my stops was to the Westview Cemetery in Bromley, Baldwin County, Alabama. I had been to the cemetery two times previously but this time was special. This was the first time since my mother and six of her siblings had been back to Bromley to visit all at the same time. Most of them had not even been to this cemetery where both their father’s family and mother’s family were buried. Me being the genealogist of the family I explained certain relationships to them since some of those folks they never even heard of. It was kinda cool looking at them taking pictures of their ancestors. I made sure I touched all of my female ancestors headstones buried in the Westview Cemetery, I am truly blessed that they have headstones and the cemetery is for the for most part kept up. Some people don’t know where their grandparents are buried and I am able to put my hand on and still read the headstone of Diniah Burke my great great great grandmother. Minnie Belle Stacks, my great great grandmother and Diniah’s daughter. Lillie Walker my great grandmother and her mother Emma Watson, my great great grandmother. Next time I go visit the cemetery I hope I have some of the younger folks with me so I can show them their history.

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Allow Me To Introduce James Watson Jr.


Name: James Watson Jr. 

Birth: 8 Jan 1878

Parents: James Watson Sr. & Emma Rauzy

Siblings: Fannie & Lillie Rauzy

Spouse: Nancy Crook(s)

Children: Orrie,  Florence,  Albert,  Clarence, Emma, Selma, James R, Steven

Death: 27 Jun 1945

Residence: Bromley Baldwin County, Alabama

Thanks to my cousins and George and Eloise for giving me this picture of their grandfather and my great grandmother Lillie’s half brother.

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Emile Walker Sr.

My maternal great Uncle Emile Walker was born on May 24 1894 in Bromley Baldwin County, Alabama. He was the eldest child of Dock Walker and his first wife Lillie Rauzy Walker. June 5th 1917 at 23 years old, Emile was drafted into the Army by November 30th 1917 he was stationed at his first training Camp. Camp Gordon located in Chamblee, Georgia. Emile was enlisted into the military and training at Camp Gordon in Chamblee Georgia. By August 22nd 1918 Emile was stationed at Camp Taylor in Louisville Kentucky and worked as a laborer. For a time Camp Taylor was America’s largest military training camp, housing 47,500 men at one time. After WWI most if the camp was dismantled. Emile Walker is part of my history.
Emile Walker
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