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My Black History Month: Grandpa Dock Walker

February 10th

On the 1900 U.S. Census my Great Grandpa Dock went from not being able to read and write and 10 years later according to the 1910 U.S. Census he was able to read and write. Grandpa Dock was mentioned a few times in The Baldwin Times “Honor Roll” section of the paper for either having subscribed or renewed their subscription. I just think it was cool to see Grandpa Dock going from not being able to read or write to having a newspaper subscription.

12 Oct 1950 The Baldwin Times


Year: 1900; Census Place: Sibleys Mill, Baldwin, Alabama; Page: 13; Enumeration District: 0004; FHL microfilm: 1240001

Year: 1910; Census Place: Stapleton and Ducks, Baldwin, Alabama; Roll: T624_1; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 0007; FHL microfilm: 1374014

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Picture from

Heir: Person who succeeds, by the rules of law, to an estate upon the death of an ancestor; one with rights to inherit an estate. (Definition from


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First School Record

Last month I visited Youngstown, OH to do some research on my grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother, I didn’t find quite what I wanted. I did ask the archivist at the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center where to look for school records and she suggested contacting the one of the local high school’s in the area lived in. The archivist told me to write a letter instead of calling or emailing, she thought I would have a better chance in getting a response if I wrote a letter. Two weeks after I got back home and after speaking to cousin Melvina who is exploring school records for some of our relatives, I decided to write a letter. I honestly didn’t think I would get a response but about week after I mailed the letter I received and email from a lovely lady named Ms. G who said she would look for anything she could find.

I got a little excited someone responded to my letter but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Two days after the first email she sends me the record below, this is the annual pupil card they keep on all students who attended Campbell City School and they had one for my grandmother. Ms. G even said she’ll look for more records for me over the summer.  Ms. G told me her grandparents actually lived at 17 Madison while my grandmother lived at 18 Madison, I did a little research and I don’t think our families were there at the same time but this is still cool to know either way. If looking for school records, just like the archivist suggested to me, try writing a letter first instead of sending an email to the local schools in your ancestor’s area or even to the board of education to inquire about records. Thank you Ms. G for my first school record.


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Tracking My Ancestor

I couldn’t sleep the other night so like most genealogist would do I logged onto and did some research. I decided to look through Birmingham, AL city directories to see if I could locate my Great Great Grandmother Minnie Whiteside and her son Charlie Beck who’ve I lost track of after the 1910 U.S. Federal Census. After looking at several directories I found a Minnie Whiteside and a Charles Beck living in the same place in both 1912 and in 1913. I immediately did a happy dance while laying in my bed (don’t ask me how but I did). I am planning on taking another research trip to Youngstown, OH  to see what new discoveries I can find on Minnie (she moved there from Birmingham around 1917 with my grandma and great grandma) and her daughter, my Great Grandmother Georgianna. I’ll be sure to post any pictures I take. 




1913 Birmingham City Directory



Minnie Whiteside: 1913 Birmingham City Directory



Charles Beck: 1913 Birmingham City Directory 


Source Information U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.




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May Georgiana Rest In Peace

88 years ago today my great grandmother died, of course I didn’t know her personally but I’ve known of this woman who died before the age of 35 named Georgiana Beck to be my great grandmother. Other than that her life pretty much remained a mystery until I found her death certificate a few months ago. I was able to find a little more information about her and one thing being her death date. So I say R.I.P. To my Great Grandmother Georgiana 13407181_10100942960900870_4882238939990333445_n

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Tracking Diniah


From 1909 to 1918 my three times great grandmother Diniah Burke aka Mother Burke lived in at least four different sections in Mobile, Alabama. According to the directory she worked as a laundress as well as a cook, I was able to track her and her son Bryant who often lived with her or in a few houses down via the Mobile County Directories. Next time I go to Mobile I’ll be sure to visit these areas.

Sources: 1909,1913,1915, and 1918 Mobile County City Directories via

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Federal Agricultural Schedule of 1880

Federal Agricultural Schedule

The Federal Agricultural Schedule listed what many of our ancestors did to earn their livelihoods. My three times great grandfather Adam Moorer was listed on the 1880 Agricultural Schedule for Farmsville, Lowndes County, Alabama. From this document I see how many acres and the cash value of the farm, the crops as well as other items he produced, the number and value of livestock and the value of homemade manufactures.

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Meet Cleo Walker

Allow me to introduce you to my Great Aunt Cleo Walker Charles aka Sister. Born July 30th 1900 in Bromley Baldwin County, AL to Dock and Lillie Walker. As family history goes Aunt Cleo relocated to California with the family she worked for in Alabama. Aunt Cleo didn’t have any children herself but she helped raise her great nieces and nephews with whom she stayed with in California in her later years. Cleo resided in California until her death on October 31 1958. I am so thankful my family on the West Coast were able to share these pictures with me, this is my first time and most of my family on the East Coast seeing pictures of Aunt Cleo.
Aunt Cleo

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Dear Ancestor

I saw this on pinterest and thought this letter was pretty cool


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