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Pieces of Alabama


The last time I went on a research road trip to Alabama Back in 2014 I brought back some red dirt from Monroe County. Monroe County is the county where most of my father’s maternal line resided and it was also created on June 29, 1815 and it was named after President James Monroe. Before this trip I never had seen a cotton field in Alabama and when I saw one, also in located in Monroe County I had to pull over and I pick the cotton. I did feel a little weird picking the cotton, I was standing in a field similar to the ones some of my ancestors had to stand in and were forced to pick cotton from sunup to sundown. The dirt and cotton are my keepsakes from the from the past.

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Descendants Of Adam & Malinda Moorer

Last year I met some of the children of Frank and Leanna when I visited Alabama, this year I got a the chance to introduce some of my family to Frank and some more of his family. For almost a whole year I told my Aunt Linda how happy I was to meet Frank and his siblings and how welcoming they had been, so my Aunt Linda begin to look forward to meeting them as well. Frank’s father, Frank Moorer Sr. was first cousins with my great grandmother Jessie Belle Moorer Cox. Frank’s father Thad and Jessie’s father Cornelius were brothers and their parents were Adam and Malinda. For years, Frank Jr. and his family had no idea we even existed and I don’t believe my father nor any of his siblings knew of their existences either. The power of genealogy and we were able to connect with each other. My cousin Gwen and I got the chance to meet Frank’s niece Felecia and her daughters, last year I met Felecia’s mom Inez. I think it’s dope to meet new family members especially one you never knew existed

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Meet Frank Moorer Sr.


I didn’t know too much or have any contact with my great grandmother Jessie Belle Moorer Cox’s family before I started researching, so I never thought I would find, let alone meet any of her relatives. Well allow me to introduce you to Frank Moorer Sr., Jessie’s first cousin. Frank was one of 12 born January 27th 1896 to Thad Moorer and Caroline Hale in Farmsville, Lowndes County, AL. Frank lived until rightful age of 104 years old. Frank was the “living connection to the past, for he had known many people who had been slaves, who has witnessed the Civil War and Reconstruction.” Last September I had the great pleasure of meeting four of Frank’s children who shared memories of their father. Connecting with them was amazing.

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My Journey To The Past


I wish I would have recored more footage as well as used my tripod to get those steady shots but that’s a lesson learned for next time I head out in the field anyway I put together a little video of my trip to Monroe County, AL and a little promo for the blog. Enjoy!

Footage Provided by Me

Music: Firesong: Kevin MacLeod

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I already posted this pic of Natchez over the summer but every so often I take a look at it and say wow. This place is part of my history, my grandmother, her siblings, her parents, their parents all called this place home. This is the road they walked on, the church where they worshiped, the land they grew their crops. So it was only right I share these photos again of Natchez Monroe County, Alabama


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Emma Rauzy Watson

Emma Rauzy Watson

My maternal great great grandmother Emma Rauzy was born between the1850s and 1860s. According to census records she was born in Alabama but as oral family history goes she came from an Island off of South Carolina. Before she met and married James Watson on August 18th 1877 in Mobile, Alabama. She already had two daughters Fanny and Lillie Rauzy from a previous relationship. Together Emma and James had one child, James Watson Jr. While Emma took care of the house, her husband worked as laborer to provide for the family. Emma died January 12th 1902 in Bromley Baldwin County, Alabama. Emma Rauzy Watson is part of my history.

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