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I visited Galveston back in February and came across the Juneteenth plaque. IMG_4052

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Horace King


Did you know? Architect, engineer, and master bridge builder, Horace King (1807-1885) born into slavery was the most respected bridge builder from Georgia to Mississippi during the mid-nineteenth century. Some of his work included, the West Point Georgia Bridge, Wetumpka Alabama Bridge, Russell County Courthouse, The Bridge House in Albany Georgia and the spiral staircase in the Alabama State Capitol. King was even elected to the Alabama House of Representatives as a Republican and served two terms. For more information on Horace King, click here

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Alice H. Parker


Did you know? Alice H. Parker, a New Jersey resident and Howard University alumna, patented her design for a “new and improved gas heating furnace that provided central heating” on Dec 23rd 1919. For more information on Alice Parker click  here

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If you haven’t seen the trailer for the History Channel’s remake of Alex Haley’s Roots which premiers Memorial Day, here it is.


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Frances Harper


Did you know? Frances Harper born Frances Ellen Watkins (1825-1911) was a lecturer, abolitionist, poet, and author. Frances published her first collection of poems in 1845, titled Forest Leaves. In 1854, Harper published Poems of Miscellaneous Subjects, which featured one of her most famous works, “Bury Me in a Free Land.” In 1896 Frances confounded the National Association of Colored Women with Ida B Wells-Barnett, Harriet Tubman, and a few other women. The organization sought to improve the lives and advance the right of African-American women. To learn more about Frances Harper click here

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Daisy Bates


Did you know? Daisy Bates born Daisy Lee Gatson (1914-1999) was an civil rights activist, journalist and newspaper publisher. Daisy and her husband started the Arkansas State Press which was an African American pro civil rights newspaper. The Arkansas State Press gave the people a voice even before the nationally recognized civil rights movement began. The Newspaper also highlighted the achievements of African American Arkansans. To learn more information on Daisy Bates click here

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Freedmen’s Cemetery

It’s amazing how many historic sites are in our backyards and most of the time we don’t even go explore them. I go visit historic sites out of town but not in my home town, that will change anyway Alexandria,VA isn’t technically my backyard but I visit quite often to see  family but I hardly go explore the cities rich history. The other day while I was in visiting I toured the Freedmen’s Cemetery and it’s memorial.  “Between 1864 and 1869, the Contrabands and Freedmen’s Cemetery served as the burial place for about 1,800 African Americans who fled to Union-occupied Alexandria to escape from bondage”. To find out more about that cemetery click here For more information on Alexandria’s historic sites and attractions click here


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Freedmen’s Colony 

Almost everywhere I travel, I try to take the opportunity to visit historical sites especially those sites related to African Americans. So my previous trip to the outer banks of North Carolina was no different. On Christmas Eve in the  afternoon, after doing the last bit of our Christmas shopping, my family and I visited the Fort Raleigh Historic Site located on Roanoke Island in the small town of Manteo. The best part of going to Fort Raleigh Historic site was seeing and hearing my seven year old nephew read out loud about the Freedmen’s colony. After he finished I asked him if he understood what he read and he said yes. I was glad we got the opportunity to visit Fort Raleigh, it’s important to share history with the younger generation. Lets continue to share our history! 




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The Freedmen’s Bureau Project Needs Your Help!

sa-6 freedmens bureau, freedmans bank

The Freedmen’s Bureau Project needs help indexing nearly 4 million records to make them searchable online. I have already signed up to start transcribing some records. For more information and to volunteer visit 

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Meet Frank Moorer Sr.


I didn’t know too much or have any contact with my great grandmother Jessie Belle Moorer Cox’s family before I started researching, so I never thought I would find, let alone meet any of her relatives. Well allow me to introduce you to Frank Moorer Sr., Jessie’s first cousin. Frank was one of 12 born January 27th 1896 to Thad Moorer and Caroline Hale in Farmsville, Lowndes County, AL. Frank lived until rightful age of 104 years old. Frank was the “living connection to the past, for he had known many people who had been slaves, who has witnessed the Civil War and Reconstruction.” Last September I had the great pleasure of meeting four of Frank’s children who shared memories of their father. Connecting with them was amazing.

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