BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 53: RootsTech2018

I had a good time at this years RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah. I met some awesome people (even a DNA cousin) and I attended some great breakout sessions. Below is episode 53 which gives you an inside look at RootsTech from the eyes of the BlackProGen Live attendees.

Some pictures I took during the conference ( I wish I took more)

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Relative Race Season 3


Relative Race is back on  BYU TV checkout the trailer below


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I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement to those on the genealogical journey, DON’T GIVE UP! Genealogist are chosen and you have been chosen to give your  ancestors a voice. Even if you haven’t found that document, that ancestor, or that connection to a relative you’re been looking for tirelessly, DON’T GIVE UP! Keep researching, you will find it when it’s time. Sometimes the answers we are looking for are already in the documents we have and we might have to take a break and look at them with fresh eyes as some say. Just stay positive and focused in your research, you this!

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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 50: Ask Mariah – The Remix

Did you miss BlackProGen LIVE! Episode 50? Don’t worry just click on the link below and enjoy a full episode of Ask Mariah.


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“Relying on historical records and accounts from old timers, may have located the long-lost wreck of the Clotilda, the last slave ship to bring human cargo to the United States. What’s left of the ship lies partially buried in mud alongside an island in the lower Mobile-Tensaw Delta, a few miles north of the city of Mobile. The hull is tipped to the port side, which appears almost completely buried in mud. The entire length of the starboard side, however, is almost fully exposed. The wreck, which is normally underwater, was exposed during extreme low tides brought on by the same weather system that brought the “Bomb Cyclone” to the Eastern Seaboard. Low tide around Mobile was about two and a half feet below normal thanks to north winds that blew for days.” For more on this discovery visit (

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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 49: It’s a Family Reunion: From Planning to Renewed Bonds

It’s a family reunion! Checkout the BlackProGen Live panelist as they discuss tips and tricks on how to plan a successful reunion.

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Oral History: A collection of family stories told by a member of the family or by a close family friend. You can transcribe an oral history onto paper, or video or tape-record it. Oral histories often yield stories and information you won’t find written in records. (Definition from

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Legatee: A person who inherits money or property through a will. (Definition from

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Full Circle: Tracing the Descendants of a Slaveholding Ancestor

Nicka Smith hosted a great webinar on  Legacy Family Tree Webinars, if you are not familiar with Nicka, be sure to checkout her site  WhoIsNickaSmith to find out more about her. In her Legacy family tree webinar, Nicka gives the audience research tools to we can use to potentially find slaveholding ancestors.  Click here to view webinar


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Bounty Land:Land granted by the Colonial and federal governments as a reward for military service. Bounty-land warrants—documents granting the right to the land—were assigned to soldiers, their heirs and other individuals.

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