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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 114: In Case Stuff: Using Insurance Records in Genealogy Research

“There literally has been insurance for just about anything and that means there’s also a lengthy paper trail! Learn how you can utilize insurance records to trace the enslavement of ancestors, track occupations for ancestors, and get a bird’s eye view into the everyday lives of the family members you’re researching.”

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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 112: The Count: Behind the 1920 and 1930 US Census

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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 110: Court Records for People of Color Family History Research

In case you missed the episode 110 be sure to watch the video below.

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Ancestors Binder



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Learning and Organizing



While staying home I have been trying to use my time wisely so I have decided to take a free online genealogy course called Researching Your Family Tree on (they have an array of free courses).  The course is cool and it offers some really good information and research tips all for free.

I am also getting my genealogical documents more organized (paper and digital).  I have  started organizing a 2 inch three D ring binder for my maternal ancestors. Each ancestor will get an ancestor profile page with their general personal information on it, and a family group sheet, then I’ll add all the documents I have found for that ancestor in chronological order. Once I have one ancestor completed I will make a little video and take pictures to show you what I have.

What are you doing to stay busy if you have to stay home during the pandemic? 

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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 109: Tracing the Trade: Slavery in North and South Carolina

“North and South Carolina were important locations when it comes to slavery within the United States and the migration of the enslaved from the upper south to the lower south. In this episode, learn the ins and outs of researching the slave trade in these two important locations.”

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10 Best Genealogy and History YouTube Channels

BlackProGen LIVE! Is on Family Tree Magazine’s 10 Best Genealogy and History YouTube Channels.


Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 10.25.54 PM

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Research Wiki

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 12.43.49 AM

Have you been on FamilySearch.Org Research Wiki? Well, I will give you a little tour of the Research Wiki which is a “free, online genealogy and family history guide that lists websites, provides research strategies, and suggests records and resources to help you find ancestors from all over the world.”

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Afro Latinos Get Their African Ancestry Results

Dr. Gina Paige, from African Ancestry reveals to three Afro Latinos their African ancestry and the tribes their roots back to.





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BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 107: The Count: Unearthing Gems in the 1900 and 1910 US Census

“In this second episode in our Dawn of a New Decade series, learn the ins and outs of the first two census sets of the 20th century and the gems within to unearth more research finds!”

Watch Live tonight!

Tuesday, March 10 at 6pm Pacific/8pm Central/9pm Eastern

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