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Hello All!

My name is Tasia and genealogy is a passion of mine, I just enjoy learning about my family’s history and helping others learn about theirs. I started this blog in hopes to keep my family updated with my genealogical findings. Content related to African American history as well as general genealogy information.


Feel free to email me: tasiathegenealogist@gmail.com or visit my website genes work.com


17 thoughts on “1.About Me

  1. Terri

    Tasia, I love your blogs! I hope we can meet soon. You are truly phenomenal.


  2. Tasia~ I’m linking to your lovely blog later today on my post. I hope it’s ok ❤
    Kassie aka "Mom"

  3. RootsGenie

    I have always enjoyed reading your blog, so I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”! Please see my blog for details!

  4. edward preer (butch)

    Hello Tasia, I accidently found your blog. If your ancestors are from Natchez, Alabama we are cousins. I was at the Burgess, Locke, McCants family reunion in Monroevill, July 2014. As a amature genelogist we have a lot in common. Melvena and Celestine took me on that toure of Africa but we could not cross the bridge at Flat Creek due the muddy road. I look forward sharing with you some family history, pictures and stories. I wrote a book of stories told to me by family members. The title; Look at The Nose is on create space and amazon.

    • taysway

      Hey Cousin!

      I am glad you stumbled onto my blog, I spoke with Melvina earlier this week. I had gone to Natchez last year and I thought that was something until our tour and that was something. My great grandmother was Mary Jane Burgess and my great grandfather was Lonnie Wesley his folks were also from Monroe County. I will checkout your book. If you want email geneswork1@gmail.com and we can exchange contact information.

  5. Hi Tasia! my cousin Edward Preer (Butch) shared your blog. I am the fourth generation of Will Riley and Fannie Liddell. The Riley family was also mentioned in you tour, but is not listed as one of the surnames above. My Maternal Grandfather, Carsuit Riley (son of Will/Fannie) also shared stories about “Little Africa”. That’s what my mother called it. Will you be adding the Riley surname? Or is it too far off the track? Great Blog!

    • taysway

      Hi Family! Thanks for checking out my blog, Is Find My Roots Bloq yours? I like your blog, you have great information on there. My great grandmother was Mary Jane Burgess daughter of Dave Burgess and Annies Lee Locke and my great grandfather was Lonnie Wesley son of William Wesley and France Millender. I probably won’t add the Riley surname to my blog because I haven’t found any research yet that I directly descend from them,but I will most likely do a post on on them. I just have my paternal and maternal surnames listed. If you want we can exchange information and discuss more my email is

      • Yes, Hello Cuz! I just realized it’s my Burgess roots and it’s already up there!
        I’m so excited in meeting more family. Please inform me of the next family reunion.

  6. howceepromo777

    Great root blog. Begin to the search for my father Willie L. Howard father John Howard.

  7. LaDonna Wheeler

    Hey Tasia I am also your cousin . I am the granddaughter to Carsuit Riley , Will and Fannie ‘s Son I have been following you on you tube. Excellent work. Keep it up .

  8. Warren B

    Yo! Excellent blog and thanks for helping me organize my family research. We’ll link up soon.

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