The Cox family begins with Eliza Smiley Cox who born about 1852 according to census and vital records, not much is known about her upbringing but from her death certificate which was filled out by her son Scott. Eliza or Liza was born in Alabama to parents Jessie and Ann Smiley. Eliza Smiley married Richard Cox and gave birth to seven children but only six survived. They were William, Matthew, Richard, Scott, Wardie and Ada. Richard Cox Sr. passed away before the 1900 US Census, leaving Eliza a to raise six children on her own and in 1900. Eliza and her children all worked as farm laborers which was the typical job for African Americans in the south during this time. It is not known what happened to Matthew and Richard Jr. but William married Lula and made his way down to Bay Minette, AL Scott married Jessie Belle Moorer and followed suit younger brother Wardie married Jessie Lee Soles and the baby of the family Ada married Rufus Hale and followed in their brother’s footsteps to Bay Minette. Eventually, Eliza moved to Bay Minette where she later died on 6 Jan 1924, one thing is evident the Cox family they stuck together.

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