BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 42: Getting Started with Latin Research


Want to get started with Latin research? Well the BlackProGen LIVE panelist will be discussing tips, resources, and more on how to do just that.

The broadcast will take place: Tomorrow Night!
9pm Eastern (New York)
8pm Central (Chicago)
7pm Mountain (Denver, Salt Lake City)
6pm Pacific (Los Angeles)


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4 thoughts on “BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 42: Getting Started with Latin Research

  1. Reis Anderson

    When are you gonna have an Anglo Carribean geneology research show

  2. Reis Anderson

    My granparents are Carribean Jamaican Specifically and have a hard time finding records an Anglo Carribean show would help me and millions

    • taysway

      Hi Reis, I agree with you, a show would definitely be helpful. We already have our episodes for the upcoming year and that’s not one of them but I will suggest we do a show on resources and tips. In the meantime have you tried joining any genealogical Facebook group?

  3. Reis Anderson

    Like me not to mention how much we’ve contributed to American culture and society

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