Pictures In The Church

My grandmother is pictured third from the left, I first saw this picture in October when I went on my research trip to Alabama. While I was visiting I went to my grandmother’s church and attended a Sunday church service.  I noticed in the hallway a few pictures and lo and behold I see this one. This picture was probably taken in the the 1960s, I am not sure if this was the choir picture or just some of the female members of the church, either way, I was happy to see it. I just think if I wouldn’t have visited and attended the church service I might have never seen this picture. I encourage everyone to visit your ancestral communities, you never know what you might discover or uncover.


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8 thoughts on “Pictures In The Church

  1. Very good advice which I try to follow. These trips are fun and very rewarding.

  2. taysway

    They sure are, I find I take something away from each trip, even if I don’t find what I started out looking for.

  3. Intriguing, I would have expected the ladies to have worn hats – being the fashion of the time as well as a particular tradition in the church.

    • taysway

      Jamie, you are right. my grandmother’s closet was full of hat boxes. I’ll do a little digging, my cousin is also pictured, I’ll ask her.

      • I’ve done a fair amount of research on Christian Head-covering, but The Head Covering Movement has a prominently Caucasian feel to it – they haven’t discussed at all other approaches to Head Covering and how they differ. This site,,29307,1874131_1830134,00.html
        talks about another perspective. I actually respect hats more because it’s not tied to a biblical mandate to honor and submit to one’s husband as the HCM suggests, but here it shows that hats are a status symbol in their own right that shows how honored and successful a woman is; your grandmother must have been quite a leading lady of the church. But I think hats had their time for a reason, and if God wants them to come back – he’ll find a way. But if he doesn’t, it’s okay, too. I like everybody having their own choice about these matters and not having to follow some rule or tradition that has been done for so long nobody knows why.

      • taysway

        Yeah she actually was, they named a of celebration day at her church after her. Thank you for sharing this link, I will check it out.

  4. Here you are! You know, your link in your comment on my blog post didn’t work to take me here. I wonder what’s wrong with it? Do you know what the significance of those scarves?

  5. For a couple of my relatives, a photo of them in a church is the only photo I have of them.

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