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African Ancestry on SiriusXM

African Ancestry is excited to announce that we’ll be airing our own radio show during the month of October! Starting Saturday, October 1st, tune into African Ancestry Radio on SiriusXM Urban View Channel 126, Saturdays at 2pm EST/11am PST. Get your FREE trial at


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Relative Race


I was reading an article on and it mentioned BYU’s genealogy tv show called Relative Race. Have any of you heard or watched it? I only saw the first few minutes of the first episode but what I saw seemed pretty interesting. The premise of the show is four couples start off  in San Francisco and they’ll have to complete challenges in order to  meet a new DNA relatives each day for 10 days across the United States. They will have to navigate without using smart phones or GPS devices. The couples will be given road maps and burner phone (phones with not internet access).  Their final arrival point was New York City on day 10 and the first couple who arrives will win $25,000. Below is the trailer for the first series and a link to the first episode


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The DNA Journey feat. Karen

“To celebrate diversity in the world we asked 67 people from all over the world to take a DNA test. It turns out that they have much more in common with other nationalities than they would ever have imagined. In this short film, you can join Karen on her emotional journey into who she really is.”  momondo

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North and South Carolina Genealogy Research

If you missed BlackProGen: North and South Carolina Genealogy Research don’t worry just click on the video below.

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Black heritage in New England

One of my goals is to visit the 50 states, I have to figure out how many states I have to go but I’ve never been to Maine or New Hampshire and neither has my mom, so we decided to hop in the car and a take a mini road trip. Our first stop was Portland Maine, Portland is a beautiful city with lots of shops by the waterfront. Just a few blocks up in a quiet neighborhood sits the Abyssinian Meeting House, said to be built 1828 by free African Americans was a major hub for the Underground Railroad in Maine. Today the Abyssinian Meeting House is under restoration, to find out more about the Abyssinian Meetin House it’s restoration visit

Our next stop was Portsmouth New Hampshire. Portsmouth is another beautiful small city with a lot to offer. The  historic downtown district is filled shops. Portsmouth is definitely a city you want to park your car in one of the many public parking lots and just stroll. I did just that and walked to the African  Burying Ground Memorial. In 1705 the Nergo Burial Ground was established but by 1813 houses had been built of the burial ground. Today this area is dedicated to those who were laid to rest here. To find out more about the  African Burying Ground Memorial visit

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NC & SC Genealogy Research

Join us for the next broadcast of BlackProGen LIVE, a live online show dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, and strategies for those researching the genealogy of people of color. Tues. September 13 we’ll be discussing genealogy research in the Carolinas along with weighing in on current events such as the Georgetown University slave sale, POC cemeteries, and the recent price drop for Family Tree DNA tests. TUNE IN at 6pm PST/7pm MNT/8pm CST/9pm EST at


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Have you heard of BLACK PROGEN LIVE ? Well if you haven’t checkout these two awesome videos by Nicka Smith  explaining what BLACK PROGEN LIVE is.


“Announcing two new segments on BlackProGen LIVE in 2017. Watch and learn more about Ask Mariah and AncestryMakers. To apply for either segment, please visit Good luck! For the latest from our panel and more, follow us on Twitter at

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