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How I met cousin Brandon

Before I left for Las Vegas a couple weeks ago I told my friend I wanted to meet a new cousin but I was sort of doubtful since I hadn’t connected with any DNA cousins or relatives period in Las Vegas. I walked by a man wearing cowboy hat, white V neck t-shirt and sweatpants as I was going to my hotel room in Bally’s Hotel.  The man’s outfit was a little odd to me anyway once I got upstairs to the room I check  Facebook and guess who I see on my feed? That’s right cousin the man wearing the cowboy hat, now you may say well he’s your Facebook friend you should have known him, well I didn’t (lol) I have so many cousins on Facebook I haven’t gotten a chance to introduce myself to and he (Brandon) was one of them. When I noticed Brandon was the guy I saw downstairs in the hotel/casino I immediately sent him a message “Hey Cuz,  I just saw you (not to be creepy) but you had on a cowboy hat” Since we never met before I didn’t want to come off crazy or stalkerish. He responded, and I think equally excited to meet me as I was to meet him,  we got a chance to meet and talked for about 45 minutes ( it was late)  but we ended up exchanging numbers and said we’ll stay in touch. Cousin Brandon was really cool and all about family which made us meeting a little less awkward. Now tell me that wasn’t something?! We just happened to be in Las Vegas ( neither one of us live there), at the same hotel (I was actually just working out of that hotel) at the same time.  I am going to Philadelphia next I want to meet a new cousin ( let’s see if this works again ) 🙂



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