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Hey Family!

I tell you I enjoy meeting family, Sunday I got a chance to meet me cousin Gary and his girlfriend Sabrina while they were in New York. Gary is related to me on my grandmother Artensie’s maternal and paternal side. We first connected via ancestryDNA back in February and after a phone called we started connecting the dots of our kinship. As soon as he mentioned Moss Point, MS I asked him if he knew Bobby, Charles and Megie? (my father’s first cousins) and he replied “Yeah I know them, those are my cousins”. It’s a small world. ‪‎


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Flagging For The Fallen


Every year in honor of Memorial Day the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York ask for volunteers to help flagging the headstones of our fallen who risked their lives for our country. This past Saturday was my first time attending with my genealogy group and I must say it felt good to placing the American flag next to these soldiers headstones.

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If you’re not out enjoying the hopefully beautiful weather or hopping from cookout to cookout this Memorial Day like I plan to do 🙂 then you should checkout Roots the miniseries remake. Executive producer of the new series LaVar Burton actually acted in the original miniseries as Kunta Kinte. Roots aired in 1977 to a captive audience, the eighteen episode series follows one African American family’s journey from the mid 18th century in Africa to the late 19th century, early 20th century in America. The miniseries was based off of author Alex Haley’s novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family. There have been some debates about the historical accuracy as well as plagiarism in the novel.  Regardless I am still looking forward to seeing the remake Roots of this iconic TV miniseries, take a peek at the trailer below.



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Genealogy Roadshow

Tonight the third season of Genealogy road show premieres on PBS, below is a link to a little  preview of this season.

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