Another DNA Test

image1-4I’m really excited to get my mom’s results back from Family Tree DNA, it says we have to wait like month but I hope it’s really not that long. I’ve taken one from African Ancestry, AncestryDNA and 23 and me (I know, I know I am like a serial DNA test taker lol). According to Family Tree DNA they have tested several thousand people and currently hold the largest database that allows people to connect and possibly uncover common ancestors. Family Tree DNA offers tree different DNA test, first is Family Finder: an Autosomal DNA test which finds relatives within 5 generations, it will also give you your ethnicity breakdown, similar to AncestryDNA and 23 and me. The next one is the Y-DNA: this test is only for males, want to know your paternal linage? The Y-chromosome is passed down from father to son almost unchanged, the test looks for specific markers on the Y-chromosome. The Y-DNA test has versions, each one with a different amount of markers tested. Lastly is the mtDNA: females and males can take this test, like the Y-chromosome passed down from father to son a mother passes down the Mitochondrial DNA aka mtDNA almost unchanged to her children, if you want to find your maternal linage you’ll take this test, there is also two versions of this test. I’m looking forward to what I can learn from my mom’s results as well as making new family connections, I love connecting with my DNA cousins.  Questions for the readers, Has anyone taken a DNA test from Family Tree? If so what did you think?

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5 thoughts on “Another DNA Test

  1. Sara Ray Brooks

    If it is an option, consider getting Mom also tested at Ancestry DNA. Their database exceeds 23andme and Family Tree DNA. In fact, FTDNA has the smallest autosomal database of all three and lags behind the other two considerably. Both 23andme and Ancestry DNA have exceeded the 1 million mark. FTDNA hovers somewhere around 150,000, as estimated by Tim Janzen. Their numbers only increased significantly after they introduced the $39 transfer 1+ year ago.

    While you have already tested at Ancestry DNA, as you know, Mom will have many matches that you don’t. The trees at Ancestry really are a bonus. Also, the database is only going to get considerably larger over time because of their well known name. More people, of course, means more opportunities to break down brick walls.

    Also, while ethnicity breakdowns aren’t a perfect science, 23andme has long been considered the best in the industry, with Ancestry DNA second and FTDNA a distant third. FTDNA’s My Origins needs a overhaul. Also, Google information on the person behind My Origins. You’ll find some interesting information.

    Overall, due to the low autosomal database numbers, as well as FTDNA’s requirement of at least 20cMs for a match, AAs simply don’t fare well during the matching process unless there is a significant amount of European ancestry.

    The best thing I can say about FTDNA (having tested 25+ family members at multiple companies) is the 25-year storage of a sample. If better technology comes along, then further testing can be done even if a person is no longer with us. They are also the only option on the scene that uses a swab and if someone is really young, really old or sick then spitting isn’t always feasible.

    • taysway

      Wow, thanks Sara, I have an extra kit I was going to give to my brother, I wonder if I should give it to my mom.

      • Sara Ray Brooks

        If I were in your position, I would definitely give it to mom. Test brother too but do mom first.

        Also, if this is your full brother, consider asking him to do Y-DNA testing with FTDNA.

  2. Deb

    Yes, I have had a DNA test for myself (female) but it really did not tell me anything that I didn’t already know. i have a 4-generation photo of my mother and her 3 maternal ancestors….all Dutch but
    iving in Michigan. Pretty easy for me. My brothers are not interested… sadly I cannot force them!

    I hope that you find wonderful clues on your test!

    • taysway

      Thank you Deb, I hope so as well. My brother took one so I am waiting for his results as well.

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