Distant Cousins Reconnected


Have you heard of Alex Lee? Well to me he is an extraordinary genealogist who inspires me to be a better researcher. I follow his Facebook page Alex Genealogy and he posts his genealogical findings as well as helpful tips to help others discover their roots. Alex recently posted his latest discovery, second round draft pick Joe Young is distant cousins with to his new Indiana Pacer teammate Paul George, oh yeah and they are both related to Alex as well. The players relationship comes from two twin sisters who were slaves in Opelousas, La, “George’s paternal fourth great-grandmother, Merice Donato, is the twin sister of Young’s maternal fourth great-grandmother Olympe Donato, according to the research”(Indystar.com) to find out more about this story checkout indystar.com Also be sure to follow Alex on Twitter @Alexgenealogy and on Facebook

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2 thoughts on “Distant Cousins Reconnected

  1. Thank you so much!!! Glad to meet other researchers. You have a beautiful background setup. I might have to get something like that done on mines. I’m not advanced on that kind of editing lol. 🙂

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