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Descendants Of Adam & Malinda Moorer

Last year I met some of the children of Frank and Leanna when I visited Alabama, this year I got a the chance to introduce some of my family to Frank and some more of his family. For almost a whole year I told my Aunt Linda how happy I was to meet Frank and his siblings and how welcoming they had been, so my Aunt Linda begin to look forward to meeting them as well. Frank’s father, Frank Moorer Sr. was first cousins with my great grandmother Jessie Belle Moorer Cox. Frank’s father Thad and Jessie’s father Cornelius were brothers and their parents were Adam and Malinda. For years, Frank Jr. and his family had no idea we even existed and I don’t believe my father nor any of his siblings knew of their existences either. The power of genealogy and we were able to connect with each other. My cousin Gwen and I got the chance to meet Frank’s niece Felecia and her daughters, last year I met Felecia’s mom Inez. I think it’s dope to meet new family members especially one you never knew existed

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Starting her off young

Young Genealogist

A few weeks ago my 11 year old niece expressed interest to me about taking her DNA, so I was more than willing to purchase an ancestryDNA kit for her once it went on sale :). My niece also told me she wanted to make a nice family tree, we setup a account and got to work. Her paternal side was basically done but I did’t know much about her maternal side to help input the information.  I told her to give her mother, grandparents, and great grandparents a call to get some the informations she needed.  There was no hesitation on her part, she picked up the phone and started dialing, I was impressed she was that interested in learning her history at a young age. I wish someone would have had me do this at her age. In a few weeks we’ll know her results and hopefully add more names to her family tree.

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Relatives The Map

Alabama Maps

While at MAAGI (Midwest African American Genealogical Institute), acclaimed genealogist Angela Walton-Raji ( and discussed with us how important maps are in genealogy. I decided to do something a little creative and put the names and birth years of my grandfather, his siblings and parents on a map of Alabama.


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MAAGI 2015

The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch

I had a such a good time at MAAGI (Midwest African American Genealogy Institute) in St. Louis last week. I learned so much in just three day, from organizing my work to the importance on creating an ancestral timeline to learning more about DNA and Genealogy. I really enjoyed being around other genealogists who were eager to learn. The instructors were good and very help even after classes were over, some of the instructors at this years MAAGI were Shelley Murphy (twitter: @familytreegirl), Angela Walton-Raji (blog:, Bernice Bennett (blogtalk radio:, Nicka Smith (blog: and Judy Russell (website: just to name a few. I have already decided to attend next years and I urge other genealogists especially those who are tracing African Americans to attend, I promise you won’t regret it. Visit  Maagi-Stl  for more information and updates.


MAAGI 2015

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Tracking Diniah


From 1909 to 1918 my three times great grandmother Diniah Burke aka Mother Burke lived in at least four different sections in Mobile, Alabama. According to the directory she worked as a laundress as well as a cook, I was able to track her and her son Bryant who often lived with her or in a few houses down via the Mobile County Directories. Next time I go to Mobile I’ll be sure to visit these areas.

Sources: 1909,1913,1915, and 1918 Mobile County City Directories via

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An Afternoon At Woodlawn Cemetery

Woodlawn  in the Bronx, New York has a lot of notable people buried there, so I decided to not let this beautiful summer day go to waste and head to the cemetery. (My friends probably think I am crazy lol)

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Distant Cousins Reconnected


Have you heard of Alex Lee? Well to me he is an extraordinary genealogist who inspires me to be a better researcher. I follow his Facebook page Alex Genealogy and he posts his genealogical findings as well as helpful tips to help others discover their roots. Alex recently posted his latest discovery, second round draft pick Joe Young is distant cousins with to his new Indiana Pacer teammate Paul George, oh yeah and they are both related to Alex as well. The players relationship comes from two twin sisters who were slaves in Opelousas, La, “George’s paternal fourth great-grandmother, Merice Donato, is the twin sister of Young’s maternal fourth great-grandmother Olympe Donato, according to the research”( to find out more about this story checkout Also be sure to follow Alex on Twitter @Alexgenealogy and on Facebook

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