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I want to wish a HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our country. I also  wanted to share some military documents from my Great Uncles Emile and James, who fought for the US. Army during WWI.

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Election Day!


In 1865 my three times great grandfather Adam Mooorer was most likely a slave and in1867 he was free and I found his name  on a voters registration list. Going from a slave having no right and not even seen as a person but as property to being able to have his vote and voice as a citizen must have been surreal to Adam and other former slaves. Click Here “The Alabama 1867 voter registration records were created as a direct result of a Reconstruction Act passed by the United States Congress on March 23, 1867. The act required the commanding officer in each military district to hold, before September 1, 1867, a registration of all male citizens, 21 years and older, in each county who were also qualified to vote and who had taken the loyalty oath.” (

I’ll vote today not just for myself but for all my ancestors who couldn’t vote for many years in this country.

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Federal Agricultural Schedule of 1880

Federal Agricultural Schedule

The Federal Agricultural Schedule listed what many of our ancestors did to earn their livelihoods. My three times great grandfather Adam Moorer was listed on the 1880 Agricultural Schedule for Farmsville, Lowndes County, Alabama. From this document I see how many acres and the cash value of the farm, the crops as well as other items he produced, the number and value of livestock and the value of homemade manufactures.

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