Africa In Monroe County



I wanted to visit the Ivory Coast this past May for my 30th birthday but I waited to the last minute to plan the trip to the motherland so I didn’t get a chance to go. This past September while touring Monroe County, Alabama my cousin Melvina took us to Africa that’s right I said Africa. Tucked away in the wooded hills of Monroe County, AL lies a place that once was known as Africa, it was the home of My Great Great Grandparents Dave Burgess and Annies Lee Lock, according to my cousin Melvina. I asked her why might they have called the area Africa? “I guess it was because there were only black people back in these woods” My ancestors knew their roots began in Africa, and most likely wanted pay homage to the motherland.

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8 thoughts on “Africa In Monroe County

  1. Lovely post and very inspiring that your ancestors created a little Africa in a tiny corner of America.
    It’s a shame this fact hasn’t been honored, this area should be renamed ‘Little Africa’, out of respect, dignity and in remembrance of the people who lived there.

    • taysway

      Thank you Stephen, that would be cool maybe some relatives and I can look into getting some sort of recognition for the area.

      • That would be a lasting legacy and a lovely way to remember and commemorate your ancestors.

  2. RootsGenie

    What an awesome discovery! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  3. Fantastic video! It’s a wonderful thing that you can actually visit the place where your ancestors built and lived their lives. So fascinating and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • taysway

      Thanks girl! I really enjoy visiting these places if I can, hopefully this summer I will get a chance to visit some more areas my family resided.

  4. What a wonderful impromptu trek to Little Africa! This is quite a creative presentation. I’m seeing an image of a woman that looks like it’s superimposed alongside the house. Who is she?

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