Meet The Moorers

Through my genealogical research via I was able to connect with relatives in Alabama on my great grandmother Jessie Belle Moorer Cox side of the family. Last week traveled to Alabama and I had the pleasure to meet Frank Moorer, a cousin who I had been in contact with since April. We both descend from Adam Moorer who is said to have been born in South Caroline and Malinda Hale born in Alabama. Frank said he told his siblings about me and they also wanted to meet me, I was excited to meet my family, I felt like I was on a an episode of Who Do You Think You Are and or Finding Your Roots. I went from having never met a single relative on my great grandmother’s side to being introduced to a whole family. It still feels a little surreal that I met them, they made me feel so welcome like I had known them for years. I definitely look forward to meeting more of my Moorer family members.

I think sites like as well as are great tools not only for genealogy but to also connect with new family members. On my way to Alabama I stopped in Atlanta and I was able to meet for the first time my cousin DeVan who I am related to on my grandmother Artensie’s side of the family, we still don’t know the direct link but it is from that side of the family. I have also spoken to cousin Sonny who also descends from Adam Moorer and Malinda Hale, and cousin Tina who like DeVan we are still trying to find that common ancestor but no the less these are my cousins.

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22 thoughts on “Meet The Moorers

  1. Hurrah! I’ve connected with a few new cousins through blogging. It’s one the best side benefits.

  2. I am enjoying reading about you meeting kin for the first time, the Greyhound bus ride. Keep sharing. .

  3. I enjoy reading your blog about your genealogy journey. I also have Alabama roots and was able to visit a couple years ago.
    It was overwhelming to walk on the same grounds that my parents and ancestor walked and lived.
    Hoping to go back next year for our annual family reunion, which will be held in Montgomery. I”m going to try and sneak a little research in while there.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    • taysway

      Thanks Patricia, yeah it was a little surreal to be there. I got a chance to visit a cousin Frank who I just met in Montgomery. I am going to try and make it a habit to visit Alabama at least once a year.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. It is an incredible feeling to connect with your family! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Angelo Andrews

    Great post! Interestingly one of my relatives married a Moorer. They lived in Dallas County, AL.

    • taysway

      Hi Angelo,

      They could be related to me 🙂

      • Angelo Andrews

        My grandmother’s first cousin Leanna Andrews married Frank Moorer on 21 November 1920 in Minters, Dallas Co., AL. Counting from the 1940 Census had nine(9) children: George, Lee Essie, Louise, Andrew, Inez, Margarite, Lily Pearl, David, and Frank.

      • taysway

        Ha ha small world, those are my cousins. I just spoke with Frank Moorer Jr. the other night. Frank Moorer Sr. is my great grandmother’s first cousin. Do you know any of their children?

  6. Angelo Andrews

    Unfortunately, I don’t know any of them.

    • taysway

      Well if you want I can contact Frank and see if it’s okay I give you his information? I know he was be happy for hear from a family member. He does research as well and maybe able to give you some information on your grandmother’s side.

    • taysway

      I spoke with Frank and he said it was fine to give you his contact information so you can contact via FB and I will give you his number.

    • Frank Edward Moorer

      Mr. Angelo Andrews, I am the youngest son of Leanna Andrews Moorer, and I live in Montgomery, Alabama. My email is : I would definitely like to get in touch with you.

    • Frank Edward Moorer

      Mr. Andrews,
      I would certainly like to know who was your grandmother; Leanna Andrews Moorer is my late mother, and I am now living in Montgomery, Alabama. Do you still have relatives in Alabama? My mother also had relatives living in Louisville, Kentucky, and in many other place, but I believe they all started in Alabama. I do hope to get in touch with you soon. Frank E. Moorer .y email is:

  7. I am also a Moorer. Family roots from 1800s Lowndes County, Alabama. Great grandfather was Great Yank Moorer

  8. Frank E. Moorer

    Even if we are not related by blood, we are related by experience, for Moorer was a slave owner’s name. Our ancestors were slave of someone named Moorer, but after slavery many former slaves changed their names. That was not the case with our families. Frank E. Moorer

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