Genealogy, Genetics and African American History Pt2

Pretty interesting lecture by Henry Louis Gates, Jr I didn’t totally agree with everything Mr. Gates stated said that night but majority I did, checkout some video I captured  with my iphone. Mr. Gates wants to change how history and science are taught in schools with genealogy and genetics.



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2 thoughts on “Genealogy, Genetics and African American History Pt2

  1. Dempsey E Williams Jr

    Mr Gates is right and I never heard of him.But the Bible says there were GIANTS on the earth in the days of Noah. What’s more there were giants in North America at that time, way before Columbus and the American Indians.They have found Giant remains all over this country.They are called the “Mound Builders”. Read the book “The Giants that ruled America”, and the Smithsonian cover up. But they will never re-write history but they should..

    • taysway

      Mr. Gates has produced a few series for PBS regarding genealogy and genetics African American Lives, Finding Your Roots and Faces of America. Try to check them out when you get a chance.

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