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Family Newsletter


What good if having this info if you can’t share it with your family? So I created a genealogy family newsletter and emailed to family and told them to send and share it as well.Click on the hyperlinks below to view the newsletter. 

Cox_Newsletter_Page 1   Cox_Newsletter_Page 2

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Dear Ancestor

I saw this on pinterest and thought this letter was pretty cool


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Maternal Lineage Tree

One of the gift I gave my mom for Mother’s Day was a maternal lineage tree, her tree has the of names of her grandmother, great grandmother and her great great grandmother .


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Genealogy, Genetics and African American History Pt2

Pretty interesting lecture by Henry Louis Gates, Jr I didn’t totally agree with everything Mr. Gates stated said that night but majority I did, checkout some video I captured  with my iphone. Mr. Gates wants to change how history and science are taught in schools with genealogy and genetics.



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Genealogy, Genetics and African American History

Tonight May 6th at 6:30pm The 13th Annual Benjamin Menschel Distinguished Lecture will feature Henry Louis Gates, Jr. who discussing  “Genealogy, Genetics and African American History” at the Great Hall at Cooper Union, 7 East 7th Street. NY, NY

Cooper Union Stock Photo

I am looking forward to going to this event and hearing Mr. Gates point of view on the topics above. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the event. 

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23 and Me


Looking forward to see what my genetic breakdown are from 23 and Me.

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