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Family Skillet


I never thought to ask my mom where this black cast iron skillet came from until on our drive back from Virginia this past weekend. She told me the skillet was her mothers and it had to be at least 58 years old,  my mom even confirmed with her older sister, my Aunt Geri to make sure. In the mid 1950s my mom and her family migrated from Alabama to New York, so my grandmother Clittee had to buy new cookware because she left all her pots and pans behind in Alabama. When my parents got married in 1970 my mom asked my grandmother for the skillet because it cooked so well, and since then grandmother’s skillet has been in our household. My brother already put his bid to get the skillets but since there are a couple we can split I guess…

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Cornelius & Linda

I just got the marriage license of my great great grandparents, Cornelius Moorer and Linda Snow who were married 129 years ago on December 18th 1884 in Braggs Lowndes County, Alabama.  These were the parents of Jessie Belle Moorer Cox, my great grandmother.



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Happy International Women’s Day!

Today March 8th is International Women’s Day, so today I wanted to pay homage to some of the women in my family who have passed on. These five women, Mary Jane Burgess Wesley, Artensie W. Cox, Clittee C. Walker, Queen J. Walker and Betty M. Walker,  not only impacted my life but the lives of some many others.


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How Do You Show Off Your Ancestors?

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How do you show off your ancestors or research finding? As for myself, I’d much rather spend money on putting an old family document that has meaning to me on a shirt or use my blog background as my iphone case cover. Than wearing clothes with the designers names plastered all over and advertising for them. I don’t just do this to be different but I’m truly proud of my family and the research I am doing, so why not show off my ancestors? Two good sites off the top off my head and  shucks I can even help you turn your research findings into amazing keepsakes or clothing that you can be proud to show off.

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Look Over Your Documents

Whether your a vet or just beginning your genealogy quest it is important to go over your all documents once in a while. As you grow your family tree, so does the information and you’ll never know what you’ll discover what you’ve missed. Now I have had my great grandmother Jessie’s death certificate for a while but hardly ever look at it or anything other documents I may have unless I am researching that particular person. While I was picking my ancestors for my own share an ancestor a day in February challenge, I came across Jessie’s death certificate and I noticed my great grandfather Scott, who was the informant listed a woman named Linda as Jessie’s mother but on the 1900 Census a woman named Fanny is listed as the mother. I’ve questioned Fanny being her mother but after further examination of the 1900 Census record it was more likely Fanny was Jessie’s stepmother than her birth mother. Now back to the death certificate, maybe my great grandfather did know the name of Jessie’s mother, remember the information provided for death certificates back then was more word of mouth and memory, some or all of the information may not be as accurate as we read. I decided to search for Linda and Cornelius (Jessie’s father) I didn’t find them together on a Census record but I did find a marriage license (waiting for it to be mailed) for the two in 1884 just a few years before Jessie would have been born. With this newly discovered document I also found out Linda’s last name which is Snow. Now I  know I would have found out the information about Jessie’s mother eventually but if I would get into a routine of checking my documents things like them won’t happen too often. So I urge you guys to look over your documents and  get in a routine, this may save you research time and money.

1900 United States Federal Census for Jessie Moorer

1900 United States Federal Census for Jessie Moorer




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