Georgiana Beck

I don’t know much about my maternal great grandmother Georgiana Beck so when I see documents other than census records with her name on it I get a little happy. What I do know is Georgiana was born about 1899 in Jefferson County, Alabama to Minnie Belle Burke.Georgiana got pregnant by a man named James Luther Christian (also a mystery) with my grandmother Clittee at a very young age. She had to do domestic work to help provide for herself and daughter. By January 21st 1920 Georgiana, mother and daughter were living in Youngstown, Ohio. After 1920 I have no idea what happened to Georgiana. I don’t know if she got married, if she stayed in Youngstown, her cause of death or where she’s even buried. It’s all a mystery I hope to one day solve. Georgiana Beck is part of my history


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3 thoughts on “Georgiana Beck

  1. Just keep going and I am sure you will find great information about your great grandmother.

  2. good work, be patient facts come in from many sources. We have a big family with lots of loose ends and not many detectives like you and me!!

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