Dock Walker Sr.


My maternal great grandfather Dock Walker aka Papa was born April 12th about 1866 in Baldwin County, Alabama. He married his first wife Lillie Rauzy on Feb. 16th 1889 with whom he had eight children with. Shortly after Lillie’s death on December 25th 1909 Dock married Ms. Rosie Carter on December 28th 1910 and they had six children together. Dock was a God fearing, family man as well as businessman. He worked as a block setter and as laborer on a sawmill. He eventually owned a large amount of land in Bromley, Alabama. He distributed sections of the land to his children and their families as well as used it to grow fruits, cotton, house a schoolhouse and a small general store. On March 22nd 1953 Dock Walker passed away in Bromley, Alabama leaving behind a great legacy. Dock Walker Sr. is part to my history.

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One thought on “Dock Walker Sr.

  1. Felisia Turnage Perkins

    This is my Great Grandfather also it is amazing to here this information thank you so much for sharing

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