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Great grandma


I Don’t have many records or know too much about my great grandmother Georgianna so when I have documents with her name on it I get happy. Above is Georgianna and her mother, my great great grandmother Minnie Belle listed in the Birmingham,AL 1915 city directory.

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What’s In My DNA?


A few years ago I ordered MatriClan DNA test kit via The MatriClan test traces maternal ancestry by analyzing the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) women and men inherit exclusively from their mothers. To simply put it its my mother’s mother’ mother’s lineage, the results showed I was of Nigerian decent on my maternal side. I could now pinpoint a place in Africa where my ancestors originated, and hopefully go visit one day. About a year ago  decided to take the ancestry DNA test kit via   to see if my African results would be different, check out my results from the new improved

photo 1 photo 2


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As the Genealogy Roadshow wraps up, PBS will be airing a new six part series THE AFRICAN AMERICANS: MANY RIVERS TO CROSS with Henry Louis Gates. So those of us that are interested in not only genealogy but African American history  should enjoy the new series. This series “is the first documentary film to air since 1968 to chronicle the full sweep of African-American history, from the origins of slavery on the African continent through more than four centuries of remarkable historic events up to the present day — when America has a black president, yet remains a nation divided by race I am surely looking forward to watching this.  See preview below

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