Let’s get to talking family


This past Saturday August 17th we had out 2nd annual Walker Day Family Picnic, after the picnic myself and a few cousins went to my aunts house to hangout.We started talking about family, I asked my younger cousins if they knew the names of their grandparents who had died before they were born. They didn’t know their names, I thought that was crazy but I understood, on one hand they said their dad doesn’t talk about his parents and on the other hand I don’t think they ask him either. I have had other conversation with other family members who say the same thing so what needs to change? I think parents need to talk to their children more about their lives growing up and also their parents, I think the children should ask their parents about their lives growing up and their grandparents. This needs to be a two way conversation so let’s get to talking family

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One thought on “Let’s get to talking family

  1. Dempsey (Sonny) Williams

    I couldn’t agree more. Our parents past is not always a pretty sight and some don’t want to talk about it. But don’t let them die with a lot of useful information.that will be valuable to you and your children.

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