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Who’s that?


I wish I could see the faces of the people in this picture, a cousin told me one of the women standing on the porch is my great Aunt Angeline Walker Carter which was my great grandfather’s Dock Walker sister. I have no idea the who the other people would be. I thought about photo restoration but I think its too faded to repair,  I was still excited to see this anyway it gave me hope that there still might be other pictures out there of my other family members. I think we just have to ask, we’ll never know what someone has until we ask. So do you have some pictures you can share?

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Let’s get to talking family


This past Saturday August 17th we had out 2nd annual Walker Day Family Picnic, after the picnic myself and a few cousins went to my aunts house to hangout.We started talking about family, I asked my younger cousins if they knew the names of their grandparents who had died before they were born. They didn’t know their names, I thought that was crazy but I understood, on one hand they said their dad doesn’t talk about his parents and on the other hand I don’t think they ask him either. I have had other conversation with other family members who say the same thing so what needs to change? I think parents need to talk to their children more about their lives growing up and also their parents, I think the children should ask their parents about their lives growing up and their grandparents. This needs to be a two way conversation so let’s get to talking family

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Military Headstones

While doing some research on I came across two military headstone applications. One for my grandfather filled out for my grandmother and another for my great uncle filled out by my great grandfather. Its just amazing to see my great grandfather’s signature, a man who had to learn how to read and write as an adult.


IMG_4471My grandfather’s original headstone


James Walker

James Walker

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In 2010 I bought an African Ancestry test to see what part of Africa my maternal line originated from. I was so excited to get my results back, instead of just knowing my folks came from Africa,( which is obvious) I could finally name a place (Nigeria) , name groups of people (Yoruba and Hausa) with whom I share the same DNA in Africa. Above is a video I just so happen to come across of different celebrities finding out their African ancestry.


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Walker Family Day

Next Saturday will mark the 2nd Annual Walker Family Picnic, it seems like we can never plan a family reunion so we just try the family together for a day. Last year was pretty successful, I think over a hundred people came out and that was on short notice. I can imagine how many people plan on attending this year. We’ll try to get people involved to play games, socialize with family members they haven’t met and just have an all around good time with their family. I see too many times we put everything else before our family gatherings but make time for others and I don’t think that should be the case. So I look forward to getting together next Saturday and I hope the rest of my family feels the same way.


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My Roots On My Shirt

I have a few friends that make customize T-shirts so I asked one if it would be possible to put a document  on a shirt? He said you sure can. I said to myself I wear all these designers and am basically a walking billboard even though I try not to wear clothing with the designers names pastured all over. So why not my own clothing that means something to me?  I put a family document from an old bible with the some births and deaths of my great grandmother and her siblings and other family members. See pictures below

photo(32) IMG_4665

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A Trip South

This past weekend was the Wesley family reunion in Pensacola, Florida. I had such a good time, my family ( nine year old niece, 14 and 17 year old nephews, mom and aunt) and I drove from NY to FL.  I thought a week of traveling with stops to see family on the way would be a great vacation as well as bonding time for the six of us. Well lets just say it might have been too much bonding time for us :), for real I think everyone enjoyed themselves I know I did. I got a chance to meet some new cousins, see some family I haven’t seen in a while, do a little family research, visit Natchez, Monroe County and Alabama, Farmsville, Lowndes County, Alabama. While I was in Florida I met with my Great Aunt Sallie for the first time, and  last but not least meet my cousin Melvina also a genealogist and she shared some wonderful information with me as well as gave me some document. All in all I had a great time

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